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Members of the In Vivo Pharmacology Graduate Programme

Project Title PhD Student Department Principal Supervisor Start of Study
42 Development of a type 2 diabetic minipig model by increasing plasma levels of gut microbiota products Ditte Olsen Lützhøft Veterinary and Animal Sciences & Novo Nordisk A/S Axel Kornerup Hansen 01.11.2017
41 Establishment of a Haemophilia A model with increased tolerance by use of mice with deficiencies in adaptive immunity Gabi Overgaard Øvlisen Veterinary and Animal Sciences Søren Skov 15.05.2018
40 Causes of diabetic peripheral neuropathy in rodent models of type 1 and type 2 diabetes Laura Jul Andreasen Veterinary and Animal Sciences Jens Lykkesfeldt 01.04.2018
39 Colostrum and the first feedings for preterm neonates Agnethe May Ahnfeldt Veterinary Clinical and Animal Sciences Per Torp Sangild 01.12.2016
38 Change in gastric residuals and bowel habbits in preterm infants and piglets Susanne Søndergaard Kappel Veterinary and Animal Sciences Per Torp Sangild 01.02.2018
37 Can we prevent memory impairment in aged monkeys through social stimulation? Exploring the link between depressions and dementia in elderly Victor Mwadime Experimental Medicine Jann Hau 18.12.2017
36 The involvment of the noradrenergic receptor system in an-tinociceptive mechanisms in the naked mole rat (Heterocepha-lus Glaber) Royford Murangiri Mwobobia Experimental Medicine Klas Abelson 01.12.2017
35 Nutrition effects on immunity development in newborns Ole Bæk Veterinary and Animal Sciences Per Torp Sangild 01.09.2017
34 Empirical study of bias in a rat model of rheumatoid arthritis Dasa Seveljevic-Jaran Experimental medicine Jan Hau 01.12.2015
33 Effects of GLP-1 on atherosclerosis, vascular functionality and remodelling Katrine Dahl  Bjørnholm Veterinary and Animal Sciences Jens Lykkesfeldt 01.04.2017
32 Investigating the role of GLP-1 receptor activation in the gastropyloric region for stimulating intestical mucosal defence and decreasing intestinal permeability Louise Pedersen Veterinary and Animal Sciences Axel Kornerup Hansen 01.03.2017
31 Refinement of a rat model of inflammatory pain and arthritis Mie Schou Berke Experimental medicine Klas Abelson 01.02.2017
30 Mechanisms of carbon nanotube-induced mesothelioma Regitze Sølling Wils Public Health Peter Møller 01.02.2017
29 Early feeding and brain development in preterm pigs Charlotte Holme Nielsen Vet. Clinical and Animal Sciences Thomas Thymann 01.01.2017
28 Parasites and plants-exploring the anti-parasitic activity of a bioactive livestock forage Angela Hørdum Valente Veteriniary Parasitology Stig Milan Thamsborg 01.12.2016
27 Role of the PACAP system in a novel inflammatory rat model for headache: Effect on cAMP and Ca2+ signalling pathways and selected potential targets for headache therapy Simona Denise Frederiksen Clinical Experimental Research, Glostrup Research inst. Lars Edvinsson 01.12.2016
26 Refinement of the contusive spinal cord injury rat model Harikrishnan Vijayakumar Sreelatha Division of Laboratory Animal Science, India Klas Abelson 01.12.2016
25 Investigating the role of FGF21 on hepatic oxidative stress and NALFD/NASH Julie Hviid Klæbel Veterinary Disease Biology Jens Lykkesfeldt 01.10.2016
24 Immunity development in preterm newborns Ren Shuqiang Vet. clinical and animal sciences Per Torp Sangild 01.10.2016
23 The continuous performance test (CPT) to study attentional performance: in vivo pharmacological and optogenetic studies in mice, and human stidies in healthy volunteers Maitane Caballero Puntiverio Drug Design and Pharmacology Jesper Tobias Andreasen 01.09.2016
22 Effects of insulin treatment on NAFLD in diabetic rodents Victoria Svop Jensen Veterinary Disease Biology/Novo Nordisk Jens Lykkesfeldt 01.09.2016
21 In vivo characterization of critical determinants of bleeding in the development of harmophilic artropathy in the F8-KO rat Kåre Kryger Vøls Veterinary Disease Biology/Novo Nordisk Axel Kornerup Hansen 01.08.2016
20 Factors driving the variation in absorption of subcutaneously administered insulins Anna Katrina Jógvansdóttir Gradel Veterinary Disease Biology/Novo Nordisk Jens Lykkesfeldt 01.03.2016
19 The effect of diet-induced obesity on differential metabolic responses in rats and mice Hannah Louise Zakariassen Veterinary Disease Biology/Novo Nordisk Jens Lykkesfeldt 01.03.2016
18 Nanoparticles and effects on male reproductive function Astrid Skovmand Large Animal Sciences Sandra Goericke-Pesch 01.01.2016
17 Dietary and microbial influence on gut and brain in early Karina Ryom Veterinary clinical and animal sciences Thomas Thymann 01.01.2016
16 Development of novel models reflecting human fatty liver disease and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis Kirstine Sloth Tølbøl Biomedical sciences Ole Hartvig Mortensen 01.02.2016
15 Characterization of immune complex formation and elimination following administration of human antibodies to rats Lykke Boysen Veterinary Disease Biology Jens Lykkesfeldt 01.11.2015
14 Transscriptomic analysis of the trigeminovascular system after glyceryl trinitrate infusion in rat. Rikke Elgaard Christensen Clinical Medicine Jes Olesen 01.11.2015
13 Unraveling disease mechanisms inthe diabetic heart Simone Krog Christensen Vet. Disease Biology (IVS) Lisbeth Høier Olsen 01.10.2015
12 The role of the nociceptin/orhaninFQ system in an animal model of bone cancer pain Sonny Harmanus Johannes Sliepen Drug design and pharmacology Anne-Marie Heegaard 01.10.2015

Animal models for examining the role of osteoclasts in osteoarthritis pain

Anna Katri Drug design and pharmacology Anne-Marie Heegaard 23.09.2015

A novel animal model of metabolic bone pain

Marta Díaz del Castillo Drug Design and Pharmacology Anne-Marie Heegaard 01.08.2015


Characterization of murine experimental models of diabetic nephropathy

Maria Katarina Elm Ougaard Vet. Disease Biology (IVS) Henrik Elvang 01.06.2015


Refining humane endpoints of long term studies:Using murine species-specific behaviours to assess reduced welfre in the home cage of mice and rats

Karen Gjendal Vet. Disease Biology (IVS) Dorte Bratbo 01.05.2015


Refinement of animal models in pain research - a study of the comorbidity between pain, anxiety and depression in various rat strains, for the improvement of the translation from animals to humans

Sara Hestehave Kristensen Experimental medicin Klas Abelson 02.03.2015

Bioethical improvements in the collagen induced arthritis (CIA) model

Sisse Clausen Nørgaard Vet. Disease Biology (IVS)/Novo Nordisk Dorte Bratbo Sørensen 15.09.2014

Characterization of diabetic nephropathy in a minipig model of dyslipidemia, hyperglycemia and hypertension

Rikke Lindgaard Thomsen Vet. Disease Biology (IVS)/Novo Nordisk Lisbeth Høier Olsen 01.09.2014

The impact of neonatal Fc receptor and disease processes on in vivo distribution of biopharmaceuticals using advanced imaging technologies

Laura Kofoed Hvidsten Ørstrup Vet. Disease Biology (IVS)/Novo Nordisk Jens Lykkesfeldt 01.05.2014

In vivo regulatio nof vitamin C transport in the brain during deficiency

Maiken Marie Lindblad Vet. Disease Biology (IVS Pernille Tveden-Nyborg 01.11.2013

 Automated repeated blood sampling for the study of stress hormone dynamics combined with behavioral studies and pathology in permanently catheterized laboratory mice

Anne Charlotte Teilmann Exp. med./SUND Klas S.P. Abelson 01.02.2013

Optimization of dosage and clinical efficacy of new macrolides

Astrid K. Larberg Vet. Disease Biology (IVS)/SUND Christian Friis 01.01.2013